Louis Saint-Jacques

Cofounder Anges Québec
Louis Saint-Jacques

Louis Saint-Jacques is a Business Consultant working with innovative enterprises and private investors. Saint Jacques has more than twenty years of high-tech and financing experience. He has one of the broadest network in Québec. Saint-Jacques holds a MBA with a specialization in Small and Medium sized Enterprise Financing. He is regularly invited as lecturer at MBA program or Entrepreneurship classes. He is also consulted as an expert for different programs or studies regarding Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Since 2010 is acting as a consultant on different mandates, he has been Executive manager of the most important Life Sciences incubator in Canada for three years. From 2006 to 2010, he was a Partner at ID Capital, a $75M Telesystem Industrial Technologies Investment Fund. Previously, Saint-Jacques worked as strategic financing advisor with the Canadian Technology Network financed by IRAP and Canada Economic Development. He was responsible of putting deals together by connecting entrepreneurs and financiers whether they be angels, venture capitalists or bankers to fund their companies. During a very difficult financing conjuncture, he was responsible for financing many high-tech start-ups. In 2001-2002, Louis was an Investment Manager within venture capital group of Telesystem.

Prior to Telesystem, Saint-Jacques spent 15 years at the National Bank where he contributed to the successful launch of the Knowledge Based Industries Financing Group. During his tenure in the financing group, he was able to acquaint himself with thousands of companies and met numerous entrepreneurs in Québec and in Canada, which helped him develop a vast network of contacts in the traditional and not traditional financial sectors.

Saint-Jacques is co-founder of Anges Québec and sits on the Board of Anges Québec and the Canadian Angel Association (NACO). He is also a director of the Société d’Investissement Jeunesse (www.sij.qc.ca) whose mission is to offer loan guarantees to young entrepreneurs.