Ferran Puntí

Founder | Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Director in Kerad Games
Ferran Puntí

Ferran is an entrepreneur specializing in Videogames. He holds an economics degree and a Master’s Degree from EAE and Hay Group. In 1998 he began his professional career creating the first network of gaming rooms in Spain and the first professional championships of “Starcraft” (Blizzard) and “Counter-Strike” (Valve).

In 2011, Ferran founded Kerad Games with Gerard Piqué (F.C. Barcelona professional player) and they launched the videogame Golden Manager (with more than 15M users around the world).

Ferran has been involved in projects with universities and young videogames creators to help them found their Indy companies from scratch.

He is also founder and Clubs Commissioner of eFootball.pro; a new company whose aim is to organize soccer eSport events around the world.