Why Malaga?


The geostrategic location of Malaga in the south of Europe and bordering the Magreb offers a variety of opportunities in the field of international relations for the economic and sociocultural development of the zone.

In addition, the city is privileged to be the peninsula ́s premier tourist zone, converting the city into a warm and inviting place that combines art, culture and tradition on the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea. Malaga ́s three thousand years of history have conferred upon it the character of an open, enterprising and hospitable city; in essence a cosmopolitan city with a world outlook.

Enthusiastic and Hospitable

The Latin and Mediterranean character of Malaga-Costa del Sol is the essence of a vital and hospitable society with an extraordinary sense of liveability of public spaces.


Malaga possesses a cultural wealth founded in its Phoenician, Roman and Arabic past and today offers an attractive blending of cultures and traditions.
Another testimony to the cultural importance of the area is the Picasso Museum of Malaga, leading symbol of the 21st century in an historic enclave crucible of all Mediterranean cultures. Located in the Palace of the Counts of Buenavista, it houses more than 200 works from the artist´s private collection and is considered to be the second most important museum in the world of all those delicate to the painter, after the museum in Paris.


Healthy Mediterranean cooking prepared from natural products of the highest quality used to prepare dishes ranging from the most traditional to the most sophisticated and delicious.

Entrepreneurial Smart City

Malaga’s standing as an essential reference point in the field 
of new technologies, innovation and knowledge is undeniable. In 2011, the Ministry of Science and Innovation awarded the city the title of “City of Science and Innovation”. This title together with its designation, in the same year, as “Intelligent City”, placed it at the top of the ranking ahead of Santander, Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian.