Five Online Slot Myths and Misconception

Slots are one of the oldest casino games. So, it might have several myths and misconceptions. People still think that it is not fair to play slot games online because they might cheat. However, due to the random number generator program, online slot casino gaming platforms can’t cheat and fix the game according to their will.

Slot Machines Have Hot Streaks and Cold Streaks

People think that there are outcomes that can be changed during gameplay. However, the myth is completely wrong, and the number or symbol provided by any slot online or completely random. They are specially designed to make every single spin unique and random.

It means there are no hot and cold streaks in the online casino gaming industry. People, due to coincidence, generated the idea. But there is nothing like a hot and cold streak.

Slot Machines Only Provide Jackpot Ones

Unlike other outcomes, the jackpot outcomes are also random. The chances of winning the jackpot are narrow. So, people always think that after winning one jackpot, they cannot win another. The misconception is completely wrong about slot machines. If you have recently won a jackpot, there are the same chances that you will win another.

Online Slots Are Not Fair as Land-Based Casinos

The myth is completely wrong because both machines use a random number generator program to decide the payout of a person. In land-based casinos, a true random number generator is used because it is a hardware-based programme. On the other hand, in an online software-based programme, a random number generator is used.

The functionality of both programs is completely the same, and both are best known for providing random outcomes to their user. These programs have been used for decades.

Slot Machines Pay More at A Particular Time Of Day

The algorithm used in slot machines is not fixed and cannot provide biased outcomes at a particular time. The misconception needs to be corrected, and you can play anytime you want. No fixed time can make your winning more prominent than ever. The misconception does not make sense because the server keeps working whenever they are hosting slots.

Using Auto-Play Features Pay Less Than Manual Spins

One of the best features of the online platform is setting your gameplay to auto-play. If you do not like to make a spin manually, then the auto spin would be the best option for you, and there are several features you can use on how many bets you want to create.

However, some people have a misconception about auto spin and think that manual spin provides a higher outcome than auto spin. The myth is completely wrong because an RNG programme decides it.


Due to many myths and misconceptions, online platforms need to make their reputation better. It will be ideal if you do not believe anything you hear without proper investigation. Most reputable websites will provide you with fair gameplay and good features to enjoy it freely.