Francisco de la Torre Prados

Mayor of Malaga
Francisco de la Torre Prados

PhD in Agronomy from the University of Madrid, Regional Development Specialist at the University of Rennes , France and a BA in Sociology from the University of Málaga.
He has played an important role in the transition to democracy in Spain . He was national deputy and adviser in the first pre – autonomous government of Andalusia between 1978 and 1979.
Since 2002 he is Mayor of the City of Malaga.
Senator Málaga since 2011.

Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee for the Euro-Mediterranean Paternariado of Regional and Local Authorities COPPEM since 2010.
Vice President of ARLEM (Euro -Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly) Notably involvement in the development of Malaga as a pioneer city in SmartCity and Sustainable Development, having been invited to participate as speaker at various international conferences. Moreover, being a Mediterranean city Málaga include its involvement in everything related with the Mediterranean EU policies.